Site Changelog

A rather boring document highlighting site changes throughout time.

* Some documentation of changes from the start are undocumented due to the large amounts of changes the site went through in the first days.

Site Comparison from 10/07/14 - 14/08/14:

10/07/14: Initial site design, Drop iframe dependency, create background image. Coding changes to remove certain elements from design. Aiming for a 1 page only content (no scroll bars)

12/07/14: Added custom font, massive code changes. Site layout change. Introduced css elements, added table to create shadowed frame around Youtube embedded player.

13/07/14: Folder structure created to organise files, e.g. /css /js /images - updated paths. Added now playing header, with next file to play. Added Rainbow text to header. Added footer. Added player buttons to control player. Added items left to play element. Added mobile redirection for mobile users. Minified seedrandom.js to reduce load time. Dropped Youtube button (too cluttered), Background coding changes.

14/07/14: Added Google analytics, Working on cross browser problem with Rainbow text for the header. Background clip doesn't work in Firefox. Grrrrrrrr! Added .htaccess file, worked on getting compression working for the site.

15/07/14: Took on board suggestions from Reddit users. Introduced keyboard controls for player. Added ability to hide header, player controls. Turned off youtube controls, captions and other unnecessary ugly elements not needed for an embedded youtube player (api)

16/07/14: Removed unnecessary Playlist loading message, other background code changes. Added help popup button to show the users which keyboard controls can be used with the site. Added keyboard key images to represent keyboard keys (much nicer!), Added JQuery. Moved style elements out of main index into css files.

17/07/14: Fixed custom font not working (Yes, it had been broken all this time!), Added contact form, made images for contact form + thank you page. Added an about page detailing a little about myself + why this site was created. Created background image for about page.

18/07/14: Wasted loads of time with layout ideas, footer changes. Eventually got a nice footer to work with the page layout. Added 'cinema' style lighting to allow users to dim the background but leave elements highlighted. Added keyboard control of 'lights out'. Worked on dropping old web coding align="center" and moved it to css, headaches with layout, issues with alignment. All fixed over the next few days.

19/07/14: Got rid of the nasty black loading video and created a more 'ponified' and more colourful version!

21/07/14: Coding changes + testing ideas.

23/07/14: Added ability to push the video into fullscreen without seeing the rest of the site. Added playlist button + showing current playlist. Created background image for playlist page.

24/07/14: Added Facebook meta data. Made a site image for Facebook.

27/07/14: Remade the mobile site for mobile users, up to date with the latest site changes. Removed some elements to make it mobile friendly (e.g. smaller video window)

28/07/14: Increased video size on the site, extra pixels! Forced 720p quality to display by default, it'll still display at a lower resolution while displayed as normal but should* increase the video quality when put into fullscreen. Either way the quality should be better on videos that support the resolutions.

30/07/14: Added background cycler, made another background image in a similar style to the original. Will make more art work backgrounds for the site.

31/07/14: Made 2 more backgrounds for the site (Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy)

03/08/14: Made 6 more backgrounds.

05/07/14: Made 2 more backgrounds. Finally vertically aligned the site, caused some major headaches due to 'lights out' had to settle with a comprise in the end but the user won't notice any difference... probably. Improved footer visibility due to some backgrounds being dark in nature and making the footer text unreadable.

09/08/14: Major site changes. Created another sub site within the domain for Pony Videos (not music pmv's) to allow more variety. Required reorganising the site so created a portal page to be the first thing users see when they visit the site that will then allow them to pick what they want to watch. Video portion of the site has backend re-coding to strip it of any mention of PMV's and more towards a Video site. Created buttons for the portals. Created a brand new 'About' page. Had to redo the about background image due to the original image being too small for a full page. Rewrote the about page with more backstory info. Should make for an entertaining read ;)

10/08/14: Added highlight effect to Portal buttons to make them a bit fancier. Condensed site data to make /pmv and /video share common resources, such as background images. Will reduce the data pull for the user, since they will already have the files cached and won't need to repull from the site when they visit a different sub section.

12/08/14: Redesigned buttons for the portal. This is to allow a nice glow effect around the buttons, otherwise i ended up with horrid square edges. Much nicer! Added a suggestions button to the portal page.

14/08/14: Declutter of the site a bit, hiding the playlist remaining counter by default on the pmv/video sites. It's ugly and i doubt most users care how many videos are left in the current playlist. Required a small bit of backend coding but nothing major. Redesigned the Pinkie Pie background from scratch the previous image didn't fit in with the style/i didn't like it that much. Updated portal page to include this changelog, removed vertical alignment due to it messing up the view when viewing on mobile.

16/08/14: Set video table to use padding instead, might look into dynamic video sizing at some point. Removed footers from pmv & video and moved it to the main portal page. 1 footer should be enough to cover the entire site. As a result both pmv and video sections are devoid of clutter now and makes for a better viewing experience overall. Discovered a weird bug with Firefox today, it compressed my 2nd and further background images into a small strip. Clearing cache/Ctrl + F5 fixes the issue. It's the only browser that does it...

19/08/14: Added 2 new background images to the site, reduced further bloat from the mobile versions of the site, including removing the footer, unused css code + about/contact page. Also removed all the unused images from the mobile site, as only 1 image is used now. Changed mobile layout css to use padding on the embedded yt player like on the desktop version of the site.

25/08/14: Added a music sction, for music rather than music videos. Will be a good place to just listen, rather than watch. Only a limited playlist at the moment, it will be expanded. Updated the main page to link to the new music section + made button. Added drop shadow to main page header, increased spacing to the left and right header + sub header below. Updated images to be consistent.

06/06/15: Seems the latest Youtube API update broke the site as they finally switched off v2 and left me with a lovely 410 (Gone) error message. Site updated to use v3 API, mobile versions also updated. Updated seedrandom to latest, due to a minor error. Got rid of the Hub logo and updated it to the Discovery logo, would have used the 'Family' logo but it was too wide to be used.

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