About This Site

Hi, my name is Matthew, i'm currently 32 years old and I'm better known under the nickname of Evil-Dragon on various websites on the Internet. My journey into My Little Pony began around 2010 when I was an admin on a TF2 server called 'Syder's Servers' and they were pretty much idle/mess about servers really. The whole MLP thing was taking off at the time, so i started using an MLP spray of Rainbow Dash to wind up the regulars. That was pretty much how it continued, i didn't watch the show and that MLP spray was my only exposure.
Fast forward a year, the TF2 server is gone and i've become bored. One day I watch a documentary called "Bronies - The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony" after having my interest sparked from a friend and remembering back to the TF2 days. Frankly I was a bit scared by the documentary, i just couldn't understand the fascination/hype with this 'kids' tv show. So eventually I cave in with interest and start watching the first 2 episodes. Must admit, it was average but strangely enjoyable. So I decide to see this is all just some fad and watch a few more episodes. That was it, I was hooked. It was like nothing I'd ever watched before and the more I watched the episodes, the more I became hooked on the whole MLP thing. At this point Season 3 had recently ended so I had a whole 3 seasons worth of episodes to get through.

During this time, me and the wife decided to finally have a child and my daughter was born in March 2011. That took up a lot of my time, so ponies pretty much took the backseat for a while but I was able to watch more episodes while she slept and kinda gave me an excuse with my pony fascination. I finally let my wife into the my little pony secret and she was pretty much ok with it and has also watched a lot of the episodes but is not as much as a fan as me. That's pretty much it for the beginning, my daughter is now 3 years old and she watches episodes with me.

So why this site? well, i've always wanted to create a great site on the internet. I'd built sites in the past, most from templates and using Wordpress but this one I finally decided I wanted to make a website focused around my current passions: My Little Pony and Music. There's absolutely loads of pony music out there, a lot is on Youtube. Equestria Daily and other pony media outlets do their best to showcase some of the best content out there but a lot is missed or falls short of the mark. I wanted to change that a little and build a site for showcasing PMV's at random. Build a random playlist from a Youtube playlist i've been compiling and let the user discover something new every time they visit the site. The site has come on leaps and bounds over the last few months, a lot of features, bug squashing and building further on the ideas i've had and others that have helped contribute. What you see now is pretty much my finished vision. Sure there's still a few problems here and there but i'm not entirely worried. Just don't use Internet Explorer ;)

Regards, Evil-Dragon
P.S. My favourite pony is Trixie!